Tax Planning & Compliance

Knowledge Translates to Better Business Outcomes

It is no secret that handling the gauntlet of taxes requires preparation, planning and smart management. Clients know they can count on us to deliver strategies that help mitigate their tax liability as much as humanly possible. That means providing accurate and timely tax return preparation informed by a thorough knowledge base as well as intelligent, viable options that can reduce both federal and state tax liabilities. We review and consider everything from deferring income and accelerating deductions for reporting purposes to evaluating and optimizing organization structure.

Your Bottom Line is Our Top Priority

Whatever we can do to augment and streamline our clients’ businesses, we are 100% committed to their success. As a firm serving the Western U.S., VTD is known for its tax planning services, devising advanced strategies for a multitude of sophisticated clients. Year after year, we help develop innovative solutions that strengthen our clients’ businesses by lessening taxes and enhancing profitability.

We work for a wide array of clients from real estate and manufacturing to tech startups. Whatever you need, you’ll find we offer comprehensive tax planning services.

State Nexus Review & Planning

VTD works with clients operating in multiple states on the management of nexus and state tax reporting issues including registering on behalf of our clients with each state’s service bureaus. We are conscientious in determining whether a business will create a nexus, filing the respective returns for each state. Always, we make sure our clients avoid liability, exposure and income tax consequences.

Business Owner Succession

Ensuring a streamlined transition that retains your firm’s value going forward is paramount. Needless to say, succession planning for privately held companies is vital to the next generation or ownership as well as the future of your business. By establishing a well thought-out plan, you prepare for the eventualities that can surface when you sell or transfer ownership of your company. We help you evaluate and resolve many decisions including those impacting business continuity and incentives for key employees. We’ll implement a transaction structure so you can retire comfortably without compromising a lifetime of earnings or your company’s continued financial health.

Research and Development Credits

R&D credits offer potentially tremendous advantages for companies, especially new and growing entities. From software development to tech manufacturers and beyond, many companies may qualify for substantial R&D credits without realizing it. If your company has spent considerable time and resources developing new products, software, prototypes or processes, or improving existing ones, you could qualify for these credits. Further, if you had to bring on key innovators such as engineers, designers or scientists to advance your work, you could also be eligible for R&D credits. All of which can help minimize your
taxes and represent a significant financial boost to your business.

Cost Segregation Studies

Whether it’s a commercial structure or other real estate asset, your building represents a sizable investment. We undertake a cost segregation study to evaluate the separate depreciation categories; these can be reclassified and depreciated over varying, accelerated recovery periods. All of which can amount to substantial savings and enhance your cash flow.

Mergers and Acquisitions

The tax implications of a merger or acquisition are pivotal to the parties involved. Working with financial institutions, we collaborate with attorneys and investment bankers to provide tax consulting, structuring deals that create the best scenario for our clients. It requires an in-depth knowledge base in the area of mergers and acquisitions to understand and implement the tax opportunities available during the transaction year and beyond. Our highly specialized team of tax specialists understands the tax code and the potential impact on both financial statements and business transactions. We’ll work closely with
you and all the designated entities to ensure the optimum transition on your behalf.

Tax Forecasts and Projections

Working with both corporate clients and high net worth individuals, we collaborate closely on year-end planning to minimize taxes and, frankly, to know what to expect. This is a substantial part of our business and we are diligent about helping clients avoid surprises. An important part of the process is preparing documentation that helps predict future outcomes based on how your business is currently operating or, looking ahead, based on an assumption about future actions in your business and financial life. Planning can help predict success and what adjustments need to be made, identifying risk factors and opportunities alike. As always, we’ll help you make sense of the numbers.

Retirement Planning

Our team works with you to identify and address what is most important to you, ensuring that your wealth accumulation is handled according to your stated goals and values. We’ll help you consider every facet of your business and financial future, and develop tax strategies that minimize taxes and debt, and inform the tax planning component as we work with financial planners. Using an organized process to create a fully integrated plan enables a clear view of the big picture. Further, planning ahead empowers you to accumulate, grow, preserve and ultimately distribute your wealth in the most advantageous way for you and your family.

International Taxation

We work with clients in the arena of international taxation to ensure that all international tax rules and regulations are met in a timely and accurate manner. As with other taxation guidelines, the landscape continues to evolve in an increasingly global economy. We have team members who specialize in this area and consult with outside experts, as needed, to be sure you’ve met all the guidelines.

Tax Compliance

Preparation and Performance

Let’s face it, with constantly changing regulations, tax compliance can be the 1,000 pound gorilla in the room. We know it can be overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Building long-term relationships based on trust and responsiveness enables us to maximize communication as we work to find solutions with our clients every step of the journey.

Whether you’re a privately owned business, corporation, S corporation, partnership, limited liability company (LLC), high net worth individual or other, we partner closely with you to puzzle out all the factors and understand what you must accomplish. We also work with tax-exempt organizations and handle estate, gift and trusts as well as in-depth retirement plans that include estate planning, family and charitable gifting, business succession and life insurance.

Diligence Pays

We collaborate with you and advise you through every phase, accurately and expeditiously. Our team pairs technical competence with a unwavering attention to detail, working to heighten your confidence as we reduce your stress.

From receiving daily updates sent by our information services to continuing education classes and our network alliances, we continually research and gain valuable information for the most up-to-the-minute developments. Add to that our hands-on partners, involved throughout the process. Even more, as we continually learn complicated tax codes, we are committed to making them accessible and understandable to our clients. With a sizable network of professionals who work closely in our office, everyone is here to contribute to the team, translating to vast resources on your behalf.