Tax Credits and Incentives

VTD is one of the leading tax incentive CPA firms on the West Coast, well known for its deep reservoir of expertise in this arena. For some two decades, we’ve developed a track record for accuracy and attention to detail. We’re highly skilled in ensuring that clients thoroughly document federal as well as state and local benefits. Once we’ve quantified and determined applicable credits, we guide you on how best to maximize your utilization of credits at both entity and equity holder levels.

Federal Tax Credit Studies

There are valuable federal credit programs available and the tax savings can amount to thousands of dollars. The VTD team specializes in helping you receive the most benefits at the operational and equity holder level.

Programs include the following:

  • Research and development
  • Empowerment zone
  • Indian tribal lands
  • Renewal community
  • WOTC (Work opportunity tax credit)/WtW

California State Tax Credit Studies

Enterprise Zones

California alone recognizes 42 enterprise zones throughout the state, with each one offering businesses specific tax incentives and credits in that geographic location. From San Francisco and Sacramento to San Bernardino, Los Angeles, Santa Ana, Long Beach and many more, each zone offers potential credits and incentives to help your organization.

Hiring and Sales Tax Credits

You’ll find that if your business is located in an enterprise zone, that hiring, and sales and use tax credits may be available to you. Hiring credits provide significant dollar amounts for wages paid to specific employees. Sales and use tax credits are available for designated purchases such as manufacturing and processing machinery or office equipment. Businesses often get stopped by the administrative avalanche of requirements, but if documented correctly they can represent significant savings for your company.

Tax Incentive Studies

VTD is an industry leader and well known as a tax incentive CPA firm. As with other areas,
we’ll work conscientiously to quantify and document your eligibility for these credits,
advising you on how to maximize their use to enhance profits.