Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP’s expertise is in a variety of industries and includes knowledge in assisting management with day-to-day operations, income projections and analysis and staffing needs. Our advisory services are provided by a team with hands on experience working as chief financial officers and accounting managers.


Vavrinek Trine Day & Co., LLP has established itself as a recognized leader in audit and accounting services to commercial, financial, governmental and educational entities. We began working with diverse businesses and California educational agencies in 1948. When you select an audit firm to handle your business needs, you are hiring the combined experience and expertise of the CPA firm’s staff.


With over 25 years of forensic accounting experience, our consultants are well equipped to handle any investigative auditing matter, from the small loss to the complex, multi‐party case. We pride ourselves on embodying the VTD slogan “Value The Difference” by providing professional and timely analysis in a clear and concise manner, and in accordance with the highest ethical and professional practices.


Fraud negatively impacts an organization in many ways; fraudulent activity can damage an organization’s reputation and undermine a company’s financial security. On its face, most individuals see the damage incurred by fraudulent activity measured in terms of monetary loss which, depending on the size of the fraud can be significant. However, the full cost of fraud is immeasurable in terms of time, productivity, and loss of reputation. Therefore, it is important for organizations to implement a “Fraud Program” that includes awareness, detection and prevention. Organizations must develop a comprehensive risk assessment program to ensure fraud risk is identified throughout the organization. A heightened regulatory environment and more scrutiny from internal and external auditors have increased vigilance in organizations’ efforts to address fraud risk.


Vavrinek, Trine, Day & Co., LLP is a leading CPA firm providing a full range of tax services to businesses and individuals since 1948. VTD ranks among the largest CPA firms headquartered in California with over $30 million in annual revenues. Our staff is knowledgeable, exacting, and experienced, and maintains detailed involvement with all of our clients’ financial affairs. As a VTD client, you can expect personal attention from one of our tax advisors experienced in your industry who can guide you in all of your financial and tax planning.