Where Diligence and Stewardship Meet

Working with a highly mission-driven array of clients, VTD’s Not-For-Profit practice group operates as a true working partner to provide both audit and tax services. We understand intimately the goals and aspirations of Not-For-Profit clients, typically smaller organizations who require hands-on problem solving. Collecting donations from the public carries an ethical requirement to spend money on the expenditures for which they have been designated. Further, we recognize the need to get financial information out to the public in a thorough, unbiased way.

As such, we are dedicated to spending a significant amount of time in the field to help our clients throughout the year, whether it’s managing an audit or providing tax information on a continuing basis, working at a client’s office. And while our clients don’t pay taxes, we collaborate closely on the exempt organization information return (Form 990) as part of the IRS return.

Social Responsibility. Financial Triumph.

Over the past decade, the climate for social responsibility has shifted, with a sizable increase in people working to meet a public need. As with any new undertaking, starting an education foundation and raising money for scholarships necessitate adhering to precise guidelines; we are well equipped to work with our clients on this.

As lifelong learners, we continually work to stay ahead of changing regulations, seeking to present up-front solutions before audit reports take place. We know that research and education are a significant part of what we provide clients as we interpret, and help them understand, regulatory language. We consistently help bridge the gap to explain it all in a way people can comprehend. When there’s gray area, our in-house Quality Control assists to get clarification from the right regulatory body.

Our work is governed both by the Financial Accounting Standards Board (FASB) and the Government Accounting Standards Board (GASB), which have their respective requirements for our clients depending on whether the audit concerns Not-For-Profit colleges and foundations or entities that receive government funds. As an aside, we also speak at industry conferences, especially those designed for Not-For-Profits and organizations who are just getting started.