K-12 Local Educational Agencies

Trust Born of Longevity and Performance

VTD has long been considered an industry expert in serving K-12 education. Our knowledge base, reputation and relationships are second to none, helping us deliver an extraordinary level of service. In fact, we do more audits of local educational agencies in California, which includes school districts, than any other firm.

And because we have the depth and breadth of staff, tremendous partner involvement and excellent client retention, VTD continues to perform at the forefront of the industry. VTD is known for its expertise and active participation in the regulatory environment. The firm is a contributor to the school district development of the Audit Guide and participates in the California Department of Education’s Standardized Accounting Code Structure (SACS) forum. As such, our team regularly provides input and feedback to help develop guidelines and procedures. Think of us as a valuable resource and proven commodity, on the front lines of disseminating information on regulatory changes.

Handling adverse circumstances

We know that auditing can be daunting to even the most capable of entities, yet our clients know we are here to help them succeed. We are, in effect, roving internal controllers, helping clients with their internal operations. Of course, remaining completely separate from our School Business Services, our auditing team helps clients maintain the integrity of requirements for independence and fosters an atmosphere of cooperation and trust.

We also offer tax return related resolution and can conduct a formal inquiry and report on forensic and fraud investigation issues as well as test whether financial statements are free of material misstatement. Clients replace their trepidation with relief, assured by our continuing communication and thoroughly organized structure. We understand the requirements inside out, giving clients a heightened understanding and peace of mind throughout, until delivery of the end product.

Our clients receive the tools to be successful, whether an organization is in transition with a new hire, retired employee or undergoing a climate change. We value relationships over money, something that is readily apparent to everyone we service.