Government Services

Trusted Relationships: Serving the Public’s Best Interest

In the government sector, VTD is known for our team of partners and staff, who are approachable, hands-on, proactive and on-site. As a leading firm, we provide auditing and accounting as well as advisory services in the realm of counties, cities and other governmental entities. Our clients can include large and typically complex organizations, representing many moving parts that require orchestration on a grand scale.

From elected officials, treasurers and boards to everything including hospitals and airports, within this area there are huge complexities. To be sure, all of us understand the unique set of financial challenges our government clients can face. Which is why they consistently look to us to help interpret and make sense of many financial considerations.

Actionable Insights. Exceptional Value.

Assisting with audits entails multiple phases: We help promote accountability and financial reporting as well as operational efficiency. Many former audit clients later contact us for consulting and service work. Always, we endeavor to offer strategies and actionable insights that save time and money.

Our longstanding relationships paired with our ability to provide value and professional expertise enables us to keep growing. From cities and counties to special districts, VTD is well-regarded for its record of achievements. Further, the firm’s accomplishments are highlighted by the fact that we continue to grow, never compromising our high level of service. This is something of which we are very proud. It all adds up to a definitive level of success and exceptional value for our clients.