Fraud Examination

Sometimes you Have to Call for Back-Up

As anyone who has experienced it can testify, fraud can seriously impact your organization in a detrimental way. The damages can be not only financial but also in relation to your hard-earned reputation, undermining your position. And while the loss is measured in monetary terms, the far-reaching negative effects — the full cost of fraud — are in many ways incalculable. You must have in place a fraud program for awareness, detection and prevention as well as a comprehensive risk assessment program.

Fraud Investigations

VTD will discreetly complete a comprehensive fraud investigation with your organization. Our certified fraud examiners (CFE) will help you delicately yet accurately handle the most sensitive allegations, completing the investigation with the utmost professionalism.

Internal Control Reviews

Our team’s CPAs and certified internal auditors (CIA) will evaluate your organization’s entire control environment to identify and ensure compliance with all regulatory standards and industry benchmarks. Of note, we use the COSO enterprise risk management framework to determine what components of your control environment could be compromised due to fraud errors.

Analytical Reviews

VTD has the staff to evaluate key accounting areas such as payroll and accounts payable to find scenarios such as a fictitious employee or duplicate payments to vendors. Our auditors use leading edge data mining software to analyze the relationships between sets of data, enabling them to identify trends that could uncover fraudulent activity.

Fraud Awareness Programs

Our positive and proactive staff will give you, in effect, a road map to help prevent fraud before it happens. We’ll show you how to implement fraud awareness and education throughout your whole organization with industry-specific content. This will provide you with the information and tools to communicate to management and employees including the key fraud areas, what to look for and how to handle any findings.