Forensic Accounting – Insurance Support

On the Case and at Your Service

By its very nature, this area of expertise is demanding and, to be honest, can be difficult. With more than 25 years’ forensic accounting experience, we know how to “crack the code” to resolve any investigative audit. The VTD team is well-versed in handling investigative auditing matters, whether they are complex multi-party cases or smaller cases. Expect a thorough, detailed analysis in a presentation format that’s easy to comprehend, conducted in accordance with the highest ethical practices.

Business Interruption and Earnings Losses

We have often found that insured parties can have expectations inconsistent with what they are due for business interruption or earnings loss coverage when there is a loss event.

We are confident in our ability to understand policy language and the methodologies for calculating these kinds of losses. VTD has a highly detailed process for determining the equitable value of lost earnings, providing clients with a comprehensive analysis and report. Our works includes thorough document review, calculations of loss based on specific parameters set by the client and, when applicable, historical analysis of industry seasonality and trends.

Inventory Losses

The team at VTD is very experienced in identifying and determining the value of both in- sight and out-of-sight inventory losses. Count on us to organize data properly and distill it all down to a clear, accurate and equitable analysis of the value of the loss. If there is a fraudulent issue, our staff will present well-documented, compelling evidence to ascertain whether the loss actually occurred.

Extra Expense Calculations

Our team is knowledgeable about what expenses can be claimed under the extra expenses clause. We’ll work closely with you to determine the specifics and ensure that we prevent “double dipping” on claims.

Employee Dishonesty / Fidelity Claims

Issues involving fidelity can be particularly thorny and challenging both to figure out and to value. Advanced technology has played a role giving dishonest employees more tools to manipulate books and records. Be assured, our certified fraud examiners (CFE) are extremely familiar with the most recent methodologies for conducting complex financial manipulations. We are confident we’ll find and reveal any fraudulent activities.

Special Investigation Units (SIU)

We have the skills and knowledge base to sift through a tsunami of financial records if necessary, freeing up SIU investigators to do their job evaluating the big picture. We’ll dissect the records, analyze all the information and determine any possible financial motivates for either arson or other potentially fraudulent acts.

Multi-Party Claims Analysis

The VTD team has a combined offering of expertise in both insurance and legal matters, qualifying us to help resolve subrogation issues with keen impartiality. We know that it can be complicated when multiple parties are attempting to determine terms and amounts of responsibility regarding a loss, and that many additional factors and calculations are typically required in these cases.

If you need assistance in this area, contact our partner for insurance services: Jacob P. Gregory, CPA at His finely honed expertise in calculating damages for both litigation and insurance matters includes specialization in business interruption and earnings losses, inventory loss analysis, employee dishonesty and fidelity issues. He serves as an expert witness in depositions and trials as well. Mr. Gregory can also present seminars to legal and insurance industry professionals to explain further the details on measurement of economic damages.