SECURE YOUR FUTURE TODAY: A Respected Information and Cybersecurity Division of VTD.

WHAT WE CAN DO FOR YOU: “There are two types of companies, those that have been hacked and those that will be hacked.  Let us assist you today to identify the risks that could be exploited by the hackers.”  – Tyler Tobin, Chief Ethical Hacker /Partner

Important questions that should be asked?

Are your cyber-security controls operating effectively?

Is your IT department telling you something you do not understand?

Is your management team concerned about cyber-security?

Has your audit committee asked about cyber-security?  

Have regulators asked about your cyber-security testing program?  

Are you concerned about the constant flow of news related to hacking and how this could impact your business?

If you answered yes to any of these questions we have a solution. We have a team that you can trust. Our experience includes cyber-security testing in regulated industries such as banking, education, health care, and government.

How Can We Assist You?

We serve the following sectors: Our Team supports the needs of clients in many industries including City and County Government, K-12, Charter or Private Schools, Financial Institutions, Manufacturing, Private Industry, Law Offices, Non-Profit Organizations, and Healthcare.

We offer many services, some of these include:

External Penetration and Vulnerability Testing

This work requires dedication to evaluating and measuring the risk to your “front or backdoor to the world.”

Internal Vulnerability Testing

In many cases a breach is launched from inside a company. We are dedicated to outlining and providing guidance for our clients to assess their internal threats and determine if they are vulnerable to exploitation.

Social Engineering Testing

The easiest way to bypass all security controls and procedures is generally through people. We recognize that our client’s greatest resources are the people that work for and build their business. Using a detailed, yet reasonable approach, we can determine how employees will react when faced with real-world and sometimes uncommonly used hacking techniques.

Policy and Procedural Review

Up to date and current policies are important. There is a significant difference between Policies, Procedures, Standards and Guidelines. We find that in many cases business have continuity planning and backup controls but other important policies and procedures have not been addressed.

SSAE16 Overview

Our experienced team can lead your company through the complexity of this type of reporting and meeting the deadlines that are required of this work.

Incident Response & Threat Intelligence

We are ready to be on-site for the initial incident and to assist management in working through each aspect of the incident. Stopping the incident, managing the threat, and ensuring that the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your information is our concern.  Our clients call us first.


Is your data truly encrypted? Is your data at risk? Let us provide the answers to these questions.

We want you to sleep well at night knowing your technology risks have been outlined and verified.