Culture and Values

A Commitment Beyond Measure

At VTD, Value the Difference is an expression of our company’s entire culture: everything we do in our business is, quite simply, aligned with our values. What drives us to help our clients is a deeply held belief system guided by knowledge, integrity, quality, lifework balance and teamwork. These values represent who we are and what we stand for, and we put them into action with everything we do.

Helping people is intrinsically rewarding to our entire team. We believe that people want to contribute in a powerful way to something larger than themselves. Indeed, the same attributes that attract clients to VTD are what attract valued talent to our team. Our business is about the lives and livelihoods of people as much as it is about rules and regulations. From our close-knit staff and partners to our ever-growing group of clients, we seek to enhance the quality of life for everyone with whom we work.

Meaningful Relationships. Profound Success.

Substantially elevating our clients’ businesses and advancing their success — translating to immense quantitative and qualitative benefits — drives us. It gives purpose and meaning to our continuing mission to make a difference for everyone we serve, internally and externally.

Whether we are front and center — providing tax representation to resolve controversies on behalf of our clients — or working quietly behind the scenes, clients know we are with them day in and day out, every step of the way.

Interactive. Responsive. Always Connected.

What makes the VTD team so effective with clients begins right in our office: our staff is a quintessentially competent, enthusiastic group that authentically enjoys working together. From our beautiful, recently acquired headquarters — with an open configuration to invite conversation and collaboration — to our Strength Based Management system, wherein we share goals with our entire team, we are dedicated to cultivating our employees’ happiness and productivity. And they, in turn, take that into the world.

When People Join the VTD Team, They Stay.

As such, we seek to inspire high-level dialogue that gives rise to new ideas, valuable and continuing feedback, and buy-in at every level. That means our leadership team of employees as well as our partners, and a consistent open door policy at the top. The firm’s uncommonly low turnover enables us to optimize productivity, stability and expertise which benefits in a very real way all of our clients. When people join the team at VTD, something important happens: they stay. Perhaps that’s why VTD is more than an exceptional place to work: it’s a place people call home.