Education Services

VTD is a proven leader in the educational sector, contributing key strategies and problem solving through our highly experienced advisory accountants. The firm’s School Business Services team brings partners and relevant experience working in the educational environment because many of our partners and staff once worked as business leaders in an educational environment prior to VTD employment. In other words, we can help our clients because we once were VTD clients ourselves.

We collaborate closely with our clients in an advisory capacity to help educational entities increase operational efficiencies, identify key indicators related to fiscal solvency, and resolve complex accounting issues in a timely manner. This vital information helps our clients thrive. Within this realm, our advisory offerings assist in the delivery of transparent and compliant business services within the governmental industry framework. As such, we provide managerial consulting and advisory services to California entities, principally to K-12 School Districts, Community Colleges, Charter Schools, County Offices of Education, Special Education Local Assistance Plans and Regional Occupational Centers.

Our advisory team informs and empowers your staff to operate with efficiency, keep public records accurately, and meet government deadlines. With the right information, your staff can receive federal, state and local revenues and report expenditures in accordance with educational financial statement guidelines as well as make better program and financial decisions.

Having the right financial information in an organized way can guide decision-makers and improve your entity’s financial communication and credibility with your stakeholders and community. We assist clients in utilizing the available technology to organize client financial data and efficiently use your staff’s time and resources.

AB 1200/AB 2756 Fiscal Advisory Services

VTD assists County Offices Of Education (COE) in their fiscal oversight responsibilities. Our team of specialists help the COE with the external business function and serve as a fiscal expert within K-12 School Districts.

Collective Bargaining / Fact Finding Support and AB 1200 / AB 2756 Compliance Negotiation

VTD assists with negotiations between organized workers and their employer to determine the cost and multi-year effect of changes in wages, hours, rules, and working conditions. VTD assists your entity in preparing for the process, acting as an at-table expert, and/or building a supportive case in fact finding. Our team can assist in the preparation of the required public disclosures once a settlement is tentatively agreed-upon.

All educational entities report actual and budget information throughout the year to their stakeholders and the general public. Our firm assists your organization in preparing and meeting these deadlines whenever an organization is short-staffed, has new staff, or needs “an extra set of eyes.”

Year-end Closing

We de-mystify the “how,” making this a smooth transition from one year to the next.

Financial Statement and Cash Flow Preparation

Accurate reporting means better decision making, plain and simple.

Federal and State Program Accounting

We’ll assist with budgeting priorities, tracking revenues and expenses, and maintaining compliance with funding agency requirements.

Governmental Accounting Standards Board (GASB) Implementation

We provide extensive assistance in the implementation of GASB pronouncements. Our team assists your staff in reconciling construction project costs and proposing entries for conversion from modified accrual to full accrual. We also help you make sense of an actuarial report to make informed decisions regarding the costs associated with post- retirement benefits.

Construction Accounting

VTD Facilities Tracker Software is easy to use and create reports for multi-funded, multiyear projects. We can help you generate Office Of Public School (OPSC) construction expenditure reports. Our software tracks revenue and expense for any organization that has passed a General Obligation Bond, and/or receives federal, state and other local construction funding.

Attendance Accounting

California Public School revenue is based on dollars per student attendance day. Educational revenue depends upon accurately capturing the data and reporting it to the State. Our firm is very familiar with compliance, reporting and best practices for encouraging student attendance. VTD offers professional development services with many delivery options, from one-on-one instruction to large group workshops.

Associated Student Body Accounting

VTD ASB training is intended to help you implement best practices to safeguard your donations and fund-raising proceeds. Your staff will be informed on proper cash handling and record-keeping procedures so that the organization maintains responsibility and accountability. VTD offers professional development services with many delivery options, from one-on-one instruction to large group workshops.

Business Office Efficiency Studies

Transform your organization by having our team analyze staff duties and make recommendations for improvement. Using an external source, your organization can take the first step to implementing profound and lasting change.